Medical cannabis care platform


A medical cannabis care platform created to migrate patients from Canada’s largest pharmaceutical retailer to a fresh and user-friendly e-commerce platform. Patients register with a medical document and are allowed to place orders using an API integration to Ample Organics.



Building a medical cannabis care platform, that will allow old patients to transfer their accounts to the new platform with all the existing history, and allow new patients to register based on their medical documents.

Patients need to be able to log into their accounts, place and track orders, update medical documents, get personalized offers, and more.

The platform requires multilanguage support, has to pull information in real-time about products stock/pricing, and provides a wide option of filtering for the shop section.

The project must meet strict criteria for security and legal compliance in order to go live.


We decided to create a platform based on a PHP backend and VueJS front-end that is powered by AWS infrastructure and uses GitHub actions to deploy updates to the application from the repository.

DevOps Security is used to address the security and legal compliance of the project. Delivering updates in small increments while the infrastructure is automated, spread across multiple servers with the possibility of scalability and redundancy built in.

Key features

Advanced shop filters

The shop allows filtering products by cannabinoid levels, strain, or exclusive tags.

Custom product grouping

Allow products to be grouped under certain custom filters in order to create promotions/offers with custom links for newsletters.

Product Sync

Constant product sync via API ensures correct pricing, product availability, and cannabinoid information.

Personalized shop experience

Patients see offers, prices, and even products based on their profile details and policy.

Renew / Amend documents

Patients can request to renew or amend their documents from the account.

Client Dashboard

Patients have access to a powerful dashboard from which they can manage all the account details.


Home Presentation

Simple and modern design for the home page and the website in general.

The home page allows displaying of the most recent promotions available with tracking capabilities for conversion.

Featured products are presented on the page based on availability with information pulled in real time.


The Shop pages offer a personalized shopping experience for each user based on their profile, sales channel, medical document, and prescription.

Products are synced via API to deliver the correct prices based on regions, availability, and cannabinoid levels.

Custom filters were created that allow browsing products based on user needs: strains, cannabinoid levels, and exclusives.

Product details and Checkout

Product page with detailed information and cannabinoid details pulled from the active lot in stock.

A checkout page with automatically applied discounts and promotions based on the account details, sale channel, and prescription.

Registration, Renewal, Amendment

Patients have the option to register using a multistep form that will collect all the details required for an account to be open.

From the patient dashboard, they also have the option to amend the information submitted on registration or renew the medical documents attached to their account.

Offering all these options inside the platform makes the process easier for the patient.

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