Babel-Bridge Rights

Laravel Project

Babel-Bridge Rights

Web site created for the Babel-Bridge Rights Literary Agency.
The website allows the agency to manage books, rights, categories, genres, authors, catalogues, news and more. All controlled from a universal dashboard.

The project is done with Laravel and VueJS.

Entries can be easily created by an administrator and assigned to the correct author, add news and related them to the author and book.

Part of the project was adding the ability to create/generateate book catalogues that can showcase existing books and generate PDFs that can be downloaded by visitors.

All books and catalogues have the “Save as PDF” option that uses a library to replicate a WebKit browser and store it in PDF file. This way it renders a PDF accurate to the existing web page.

The site includes search functionality that has advanced options (filters) and a Highlights section for selected books to appear in.

Built with: Laravel, VueJS, PHP, SCSS


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