Seth M Siegel

WordPress Project

Seth M Siegel

PSD to WordPress site – the client provided the design files for desktop and mobile version.

It’s a presentation site that has a blog section, a podcast section, and even a book presentation.

The site has an integration with SoundCloud and allows the user to display the latest podcasts and stream them directly on the site. There are a lot of custom loading effects and sliders on the site that triggers as you scroll.

All the articles can be downloaded or printed directly from the blog page using dedicated buttons. The blog pages are styled so the final result (PDF or print) will look clean and keep the relevant information in a more compact format.

The mobile version of the site has a lot of elements changes (compared to the desktop version) in order to provide a better UX on smaller devices.

Other features: custom post types, custom menus, custom sliders and video embeds, pop-ups, custom jQuery effects, and behavior, integration with SoundCloud, and more.

Built with: WordPress, PHP, jQuery


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