Steven Wetter

WordPress Project

Steven Wetter

The client wanted a full revamp of his website with a focus on mobile usability.

We ended up creating a custom theme from PSDs provided by a web designer with different adjustments to better fit the functionalities that we had in mind.

The back-end interface was also changed to better fit the needs on working with custom post types. This was done using ACF Pro, no visual builder used. We focused on getting rid off everything that might make the site heavy and also hard to maintain in the future.

The mobile version of the site has a lot of elements changes (compared to the desktop version) in order to provide a better UX on smaller devices.

Content-wise we also reorganized the pages and made it follow a standard for all the service pages using elements that will be easy to recognize no matter on what service page you browse (testimonial, cases, content, all personalized and selected for that service).

Other features: custom post types, custom menus, custom sliders, custom jQuery effects, and behavior.

Built with: WordPress, PHP, jQuery


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