Fleet management solution website


Re-vamp and update an existing website for a fleet management solution company. The focus was on getting a very good performance score, increasing lead conversion, and making the website modern and fast.



Re-vamp an existing site using WordPress. The final result needs to be fast, have a consistent design, and integrate lead capturing into the Zoho CRM.

The site already had 700+ posts and pages that needed to be carefully migrated into the new format. Besides the existing content, a lot more was to be added and we had to develop a website structure that will work with the future content.

Collaborate with the design and marketing team to determine how we can standardize some of the content, so we can create templates of the similar content that was going to be pushed.


We created a WordPress website with a custom theme using Bootstrap. The Custom Post Types use ACF and templating from PHP in order to deliver content as fast as possible and to share the same design easily.

A WordPress plugin was created that handles the leads via Zoho's API and uses VueJS to rendered the lead capturing forms.

Key features

Interactive Images

Hotspot image created to display/highlight certain areas.

Zoho Integration

Lead capturing via forms into the Zoho CRM using their API.

Mega Menu

Fully customizable mega menu with CPT and CT from WordPress.

Multistep forms

VueJS forms that have multiple steps and feed data into Zoho CRM.


Heavy optimization on queries, scripts and assets to improve performance.


CPT, CT, and ACF are used for creating templates and delivering content without builders.


Interactive image

The home page uses an interactive image, that presents the different industries in which the company operates.
On the first load, a certain industry is highlighted and as you move the mouse over the image, different industries become active showcasing extra information and links to those industry pages.

Mega menu

A fully customizable mega menu that uses CPT and CT.
The details are pulled directly from the CPT that are selected to be displayed on the menu.
Because of the large number of records queried a transient option was created to store the mega menu records and reduce the query requests to the server.

Multistep form & capturing leads

Lead capturing is done via modal forms that are triggered on CTA buttons all over the site.
The modal form is a standard Bootstrap modal that is modified to our needs. The forms feed data into the Zoho CRM via their own API.
The lead capturing operations are done using a custom plugin we created for this project.

Improving performance

A fast website translates into better chances of converting a visitor into a lead. This was our approach here.
We optimized everything related to queries and we always used templating with ACF as much as possible to create a robust structure for the pages.
On top of that, we are running server optimization along with Cloudflare to deliver the images on the fly in modern formats.


When dealing with entities that will have similar content structures it's best to use WordPress templates with CPT. This gives you control over the design and you can be sure it will not be changed by mistake when editing a post type. It also provides a huge advantage over modern visual builders when it comes to performance and speed.

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