How quick can I get a quote from you?

It will take around 48 hours for us to respond after you sent us the initial project details.

If it's possible we'll offer an estimate right away or we'll ask some follow-up questions that will help us to determine all the details.

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Are E-commerce and membership websites something you're familiar with?


We offer solutions for E-Commerce websites (stores, booking services, ticket services) and also membership access systems (content protected for members only).

How do you estimate the price and duration for the project?

Both price and duration are based on the details you provide us: design files/mock-ups, functionalities you want to have on the site, number of pages, integration with different 3rd parties, etc.

Usually, all this will be follow-up with a call so we can discuss all the details and make sure we're on the same page about the requirements and the expected outcome.

All of these help us estimate the total value of the project.

I got a better offer than the one you provided, what now?

We put a lot of time and consideration into our estimates. Given our experience, we can easily spot possible issues that will appear in the development and require more time to complete.

The final product we deliver is fully tested, documented and future proof.

What are the steps from start to finish?

Here are the most important steps in getting the project to the finish line:

  • Make the initial contact with the client.
  • Get all details from the client via email or during a call.
  • Define all requirements and put them into a document that is used for the estimate and as a reference point.
  • Get the estimate to the client and have it accepted.
  • Receiving all files and login credentials (if needed).
  • Start working on the project (creating the main structure).
  • Send part of the work for review in sprints. Usually 2 weeks sprints are used.
  • Finish the whole project (main structure + details).
  • Send it all for review.
  • Final adjustments based on client feedback.
  • Have it reviewed once again.
  • Finish and move it to the live address/deliver it to the client.

If this is a long-term project we can continue implementing functionalities as the project requires in sprints.

How long it takes to finish the project?

Each project is different, so the duration will be provided based on the details you sent us.

When we reply to a quote request, we’ll also include a time estimate.

How is the final product delivered?

In most cases, we’ll develop the project on our servers. Once everything is done and the client approves the final changes, we consider the project finished.

We can deliver the project directly on a server (which the client uses) and install it there, with no need for the client to do any other adjustments.
We can also deliver it in a format ready to be installed by the client if they request this. (in an archive, .zip).

After the project is completed, are there any maintenance services?

We can offer you maintenance services, once the project is completed. Those services are discussed separately, they are not part of the initial quote for the main project.

Usually, the maintenance is an hourly-based project.

What tools do you use?

We use ClickUp for project management, task management and mostly keeping track of the project. We can provide access to the client, so they can track the progress and collaborate with us.

For time tracking (if there is an hourly-based project), we use Toggl.
This helps us to accurately measure the time worked on a project and generate reports.

How is the payment done?

After we estimate the price of the project, the payment is made 50% upfront, and 50% at the end of the project.

*Depending on the size of the project, we can discuss a different milestone implementation.

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