Robust web apps for your business
We offer web app solutions that are custom-built to fit your business requirements using Laravel, the most popular PHP framework. Fully tested and well documented, our final product is easy to maintain and update.



A tailored Laravel web application made to match your unique business model requirements.


Build a custom system that helps you manage content, data, users, invoices, and more for your company.


3rd-party API integrations with Laravel for payments, conversions, storage, and more.


Scheduled backups to Amazon S3, revisions, and patches pushed when fixes are required.


Move to a different server or migrate from a different platform to Laravel.


Improve the speed and query performance to get better conversion rates and ranking.


Offer support from code to server set-up to the deployment of the Laravel app.


Will the web app work with my business model?

Our goal is to help you create a web app that will be an extension of your business model.

Yes, the web app will be custom-made for your needs.

There will be an initial phase that consists of an audit/consultation where we'll determine what you want to achieve and how that can be done making it easy to integrate with your business structure.

Can you create a custom CMS for our company?

Laravel is a solid framework that will allow us to create a custom CMS for your company.

Getting started on building a CMS will require an initial phase of discussions where we can outline all the important aspects required and how can we address them.

Can you add payments to our Laravel web app?

We can do 3rd-party integration on your Laravel web app.

The most popular option for payment integration is Stripe. Stripe gives you the option to implement single payments, recursive payments, subscription type payments, and more.

What type of integrations are you familiar with?

We do all kinds of 3-rd party API integrations with our projects.
The most common ones are related to payments, lead capturing, conversion tracking, tracking in general, storage, and shipping.

Some of the APIs that we worked with before are Stripe, FedEx, Canada Post, UPS, Zoho, MailChimp, Google, Amazon S3, Shopify, Klaviyo, and many more.

Will my web app feel like a native app?

With the help of libraries like VueJS and Livewire, we can transform your app into a SPA (Single Page Application) that will provide the user with the same feeling as using a native app.

Even without turning the web app into a SPA, the components of the web app will load dynamically and give a pleasant experience.

How will you optimize my Laravel web app?

As the Laravel web app is created we'll implement all the good practices required for optimization when it comes to files and assets.

This means that images will be correctly optimized and delivered, JS/CSS files will be minified and called only when needed, and caching will be implemented.

An important aspect of Laravel web apps is database queries. Using tools like Clockwork we'll optimize the database requests as much as possible to make the responses fast.

How will you measure my web app performance?

The Laravel web app performance will be measured similarly to any other website using popular tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, WebPageTest, or KeyCDN page speed.

We'll test the website before we start working on improvements, save those results, and compare them to the new test results once improvements have been made.

The performance can be measured by the score some of these tools offer (usually out of 100) or by the loading time measured.
In most cases, these 2 are correlated, but there are instances when the loading time is more important than the actual score generated.

Can you push updates to the web app once it complete?

The code is version controlled using Git. New changes can be made and pushed via a pipeline into production after they have been tested and approved previously in a development environment.

This is part of the continuous integration concept.

Is there a backup system for the Laravel web app?

There are multiple ways of setting backups for a Laravel web app.

We can implement a backup system that will run on a schedule and deploy those backups in a different part of the server or directly to Amazon S3 or other cloud service.

Can you help setting the server and deploying?

We can help you install a VPS with all that is necessary and have it ready for the Laravel app deployment.

What hosting solutions are recommended for a Laravel web app?

We recommend using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for Laravel web apps.

This will give us control over the version and type of OS running on the server, access to libraries, packages, SSH connections, and better management of resources.

We work with DigitalOcean for easy deployment, but any VPS or private server will do the job.

Is it possible to migrate to a different server?

Your Laravel web app can be moved to a different server at any time.

There are certain actions that need to happen before the actual move takes place, once those are done and we decided on all the details, the move can happen.

Can you migrate my existing site into Laravel?

One thing to be aware of is that there will be a good amount of coding when moving from a different platform/framework into Laravel.

Matching the old functionality in Laravel will require code reviews, tests, and implementations that will ensure the transition.

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