WordPress Maintenance

Get the help your business requires
We provide maintenance services for WordPress websites, so you don't have to stress about future updates, backups, and security. Based on your business size and needs you can decide which maintenance package fits best.



Get professional help the moment something happens to your website.


Protect your business from malware, spam attacks and back-doors, so you can focus on growing.


Create daily full website backups to an off-site location on Amazon S3.

Uptime Monitor

Keep track of your website uptime and get notified the moment something happens.


Monitor and improve the speed and performance of your WordPress site based on weekly reports.


Remove malicious code from your website or restore a previous version of it.


Get monthly consultation time with us to discuss or implement ideas.


Create small items that we can complete based on your maintenance plan.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Basic USD 129/mo Premium Hot USD 259/mo Pro USD 499/mo
24/7 Emergency Support
Daily Backups
Security Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Core/Safe Updates
Monthly Weekly Weekly
Action Reports
Monthly Weekly Weekly
Recovery in case of malware
Small Tasks
2 4 6
Status Page
Broken Link Checker
Mobile Testing
Site Speed & Performance Audit
30 min 30 min
1 hour 2 hours
Staging site
Google Search Console *
Site Speed & Performance Optimization *
Malware removal *
Support for Advanced functionalities *
Support for eCommerce Sites *
Support for Membership Sites *
* - All the services that include the (*) symbol are hourly-based services. Time used performing services that include (*) will be tracked and deducted from the Hours Included in the plan you have. Check the FAQ for more details and examples.
The prices displayed are estimates and can vary based on the size of the site and the complexity of the tech stack used. Prices are for one server, if you have more complex setup, that will require a custom quote.


My site is down or hacked, what happens now?

All our plans include the Emergency Support feature that is created for this situation.
The moment we get notified that something happened we are focused on getting your site back either by fixing the issue or restoring the site to one of the backups available.

If additional work is required to fix the issue or secure the site to prevent this from happening in the future, we'll let you know.

What is labeled as Emergency Support?

Emergency Support is used when the website is down (not accessible via the browser) or broken in a way that is not usable by potential clients.
For these scenarios, the Emergency Support item can be used.

What are WordPress core/safe updates?

We label as WordPress core/safe updates the followings:

  • WordPress version releases
  • Plugins that exist in the WordPress Plugin repository
  • Popular Premium plugins that you have a license for it *
  • Premium plugins that we provided
  • Themes that exist in the WordPress Theme repository
  • Popular Premium themes that you have a license for it *

All the plugin and theme updates will be performed if the original author marked them safe for the WordPress version you're using.
* Only safe premium plugins and themes will be updated

What happens if a plugin or theme update breaks my website?

This is part of the Emergency Support and we'll try to do everything possible to fix it.

We'll try to make sure that the updates are safe before performing them, but things might break sometimes. This is why we have daily backups in place and backups right before the updates, but we also recommend having a staging site perform the updates before making them in production.

Where are the backups stored?

The backups are stored on Amazon S3 and also locally on your server if it's required or possible.
Some hosting plans might not allow that or don't have enough space.

What is a Small Task?

A Small Task is a task that can be solved in under 30 minutes.

This includes things like:

  • Updating content on the website
  • Installing and set-up plugins
  • Fixing typos, text, broken pages
  • Minor style changes
  • and more

Small Tasks do not include development tasks, which is a separate service available on certain plans.

Does my maintenance plan cover theme and plugin license renewals?


If you use 3rd party plugins or themes that require licensing you'll be the one managing and paying for those licenses.
We're responsible for license renewals only on the plugins that we add as part of our maintenance process.

What methods are you using to protect my WordPress website?

There is a wide variety of tools available to protect your WordPress site.
We use a combination of Wordfence firewall with Cloudflare protection for brute force attacks and settings at the server level ensuring that files can't be manipulated.

Your website will get scanned daily for malware and potential threads as well as bots trying to spam the site.

Certain URLs, and usernames, are hidden or not allowed.
Running a very strict environment allows us to control and observe if there are any attempts to gain access over your site from outside or inside the server via back-doors.

Can you clean a WordPress website that has malware?


Depending on the maintenance plan you have we'll try to perform a malware removal/clean-up or restore the website to a previous version from our backups.

Most of the time malware removal will be performed even on the Basic plan, but if extensive work is required to clean it up we'll make sure to inform you first.

Does it matter what hosting provider I'm using?

No. We work with all hosting providers.

There are certain situations where we might recommend a different hosting plan or provider if we discover that performance issues are caused at the hosting level.

How are hourly-based services calculated?

The Pro plan has a number of hours included for the services marked with (*).

Pro: 3 hours

What does this mean?
It means that for the tasks marked with (*) we'll track the time spend and it will be deducted from the hours mentioned above.

For example, if we're performing "Site Speed & Performance Optimization *" on your website based on your Pro plan and it took 2 hours to complete it, those 2 hours will be deducted from the total of 3 available and you will be left with 1 hour for the other tasks marked with (*).

The hours available on the plan are only applicable to the services marked with (*) and are not interchangeable with other services listed for your plan.

What if there are issues that require more time to be completed?

Our plans and time allocation per service are calculated in a way that should take care of most issues.

If there are issues that require extensive work and can't be completed based on your maintenance plan, we'll inform you and provide you options on how we can solve them.

Some issues might not be maintenance related, in that case they are in the development area where a quote will be provided to help complete that item.

Can I email you if I have questions?

You can email us anytime you have questions related to your website and we'll dedicate 15 minutes to investigate and respond to you.

Use [email protected].

Do you roll-over unused hours or Small Tasks?

No. Unused hours and Small Tasks will not be reported/rolled over to the next month.

We provide high-standard services and in doing so we allocate time each month to perform the required tasks included in your plan.

If it's a common thing to have unused hours we'll suggest downgrading to a smaller maintenance package.

I have multiple websites, do I need a plan for each of them?


You will need a maintenance plan for each website that you want to cover. This is applied also to subdomains, each WordPress installment needs a plan.

In case you have 5 or more websites for which you want to add maintenance, we can offer a discount.

How is the enrollment process done?

After you get in touch with us and pick a maintenance plan we'll request certain credentials from you so we can perform our services.

What we'll do:

  • Evaluate the current state of the WordPress install
  • Check the list of existing plugins and theme
  • Set backup schedule and destination
  • Set security (Cloudflare might be required in some cases)
  • Set monitoring service
  • Scan the website and determine if there are any security issues that need to be addressed
  • Check performance (based on plan)
  • Perform Core/Safe updates
  • Check broken links (based on plan)

Once you start working with us we'd like to be updated in case you decide to make major changes on the site (plugin changes, theme changes, home page replacement, new development work, etc.), to allow us to keep track and be sure nothing gets broken in the process.

We also provide development services in case you need that. See Services.

Why should I pick you over our hosting maintenance plan?

We are a team of web developers and we're used to providing solutions and ideas every day for different situations. In doing so, we worked with all kinds of setups, configurations, encountered issues less common and found a way to solve them without affecting reliability.

Working as web developers we're familiar with debugging and finding the root of the problem when something goes wrong. This gives us the advantage to understand why it happened and how we can prevent it from happening again.

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