Case studies

Babel-Bridge Rights

Literary agency website
Website created for a literary agency that displays books, authors, territories sold, news and catalogues. Books and catalogues can be downloaded and saved as PDFs for offline use. MailChimp API integration for dynamic newsletters.

Componente Automatizari

Product focus company website
The company wanted to create an online presence and display the products from their suppliers as well as capture potential leads easily. A structure was required and has to be put together since there was no existing website we could use as a reference.


Fleet management solution website
Re-vamp and update an existing website for a fleet management solution company. The focus was on getting a very good performance score, increasing lead conversion, and making the website modern and fast.


Pack building tool for hikers
Online tool for listing your gear items into hiking packs. You can create and share your pack(s), search other packs using filters, like and comment on those, save items from other packs to your favorites and explore an existing Gear Database.
Web App

Zoho Forms

Lead capturing plugin for Zoho CRM
WordPress plugin built to facilitate sharing a common lead capturing process across a family of company owned websites. Leads coming from all properties are centralized inside Zoho CRM.
Lead Integration

2Seas Catalog

Publishing agency catalog
Catalog website for publishing agency that required a re-vamp as well as migrating all the content into a new format that will accommodate extra details and a better record structure.