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Publishing agency catalog


Catalog website for publishing agency that required a re-vamp as well as migrating all the content into a new format that will accommodate extra details and a better record structure.



Re-vamp an existing website that was used as a book catalog.
All records (thousands) needed to be exported and imported into the new format without losing data or doing it manually.

The re-vamp was necessary because new data was required for each book entry and the old system wasn't structured in the correct way. Territories, rights, authors, images, publishers were some of the extra info that had to be added as new or matched with the existing ones.


We created a WordPress site and built a custom plugin that handles the Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomies as well as all the logic behind a book and all the other records associated with it (territories, authors, publisher).

A migration script was created so we can run an import and match the existing data into our new structure.

Key features


One-time import script to move records into the new format.

Advanced search

Replaced normal search with filter-based version.

Custom Dashboard

CPT and CT records are easily manageable in the new dashboard.

Record relationships

Entities are now separated giving more control and ease of update in the future.


Home & advanced search

The home page consists of 3 main areas:

  • Custom made slider
  • Advanced search. That will allow you to search based on author, genre or publisher.
  • Automatically generated slider with the most recent books added

Book Presentation

This page has a simple and straightforward design that focuses more on the content. All the content is editable in the backend via ACF using different types of fields and other details are pulled based on relationships. For example the author and publisher details that are displayed on the page are based on ACF relationships.

Publisher details

Keeping the same idea as on the book page, the publisher page has a simple and clean design. The content is easily editable via ACF and the books assigned are automatically pulled based on the book records created that have this publisher assigned.

Author info

The author page is created from editable ACF fields and the book's info that is automatically pulled based on relationships.
The author's name is always the last name followed by the first name. This helps the advanced search to work better and met the client's requirements.

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