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Literary agency website


Website created for a literary agency that displays books, authors, territories sold, news and catalogues. Books and catalogues can be downloaded and saved as PDFs for offline use. MailChimp API integration for dynamic newsletters.



Building a website for a literary agency, that will be able to display books and details about territories where it's sold, where the rights are purchased, authors, news and catalogues.

The agency required the option to have custom catalogues as well as newsletters that will only be addressed to certain Publishers. All the content needed to be created with books existing in the system we'll create.
This turned into creating dynamic content for MailChimp newsletters via API.

Books and catalogues need an option to be downloadable as PDF for offline use/share.


We decided to create a website based on a Laravel backend and VueJS front-end that it's powered by a VPS on DigitalOcean and uses GitHub actions to deploy updates to the application from the repository.

We approached the design with a very minimalistic mindset, wanting to keep the pages as clean and clear as possible, focusing on the actual content.

Key features

Advanced search

Books can be found using filters that update results in real-time.

Download as PDF

A book presentation or catalogue can be downloaded as a PDF for offline reading.

Custom newsletter

API integration with MailChimp to use templates and generate dynamic newsletters.


Create public catalogues by selecting books from the system.


Publish articles that can relate to existing books and authors.

Fair follow-ups

Create private catalogues for a publisher accessed via a custom link.


Book Presentation

The book page is structured in a way that presents all the information available about the book, author, genres and territories sold.

The same clean and minimalistic design is used here. This approach helped with the PDF generation process.

Book Fair Catalogues

Catalogues can be created by selecting existing books, this will group them into a catalogue. The catalogue has a custom cover and it's available on a dedicated page, where they are grouped per year.

A catalogue can be downloaded as a PDF when you access it, this way can be used offline or shared via email containing the list of books available in it.

Search and Highlights

The home page contains all the useful information to help you navigate the site. The top part is a slider with the most recent books being featured, a news section is also present on the right side.

Below we have a search area that works with filters that update in real-time.

With a different background color, we have a highlighted section where certain books are selected to appear.

Dynamic newsletters

We integrated our system with MailChimp API so we can make use of templating in order to generate custom newsletters with content from our system.

The idea was to be able to send a custom newsletter to certain publishers showcasing books that might interest them with a personalized message.

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