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Product focus company website


The company wanted to create an online presence and display the products from their suppliers as well as capture potential leads easily. A structure was required and has to be put together since there was no existing website we could use as a reference.



The client wanted to create a website for his business with the purpose of being easily discovered based on the products that they offer.

As one of the official distributors for certain companies in their field, it was important to get the products listed with as much info as possible and have a quick method for their potential clients to get a quote or get in touch.

Since they didn't have anything up, this was a greenfield project and we needed to figure out the cleanest way to list the suppliers, group products into categories and present all the info they had available.


We created a WordPress site using a custom-made theme based on Bootstrap. We used CPTs and CTs to create the structure of the site, this also makes our work easier working with templates and being able to optimize that part performance-wise.

The hosting is done on a LiteSpeed server that offers great performance.

Key features

Lead Capturing

Modal triggered via CTA are used to capture leads into the system.

Better search

Added custom fields that are searchable to deal with product codes.


Using CPT with templates in WordPress to get the content in the view.

Robust site structure

CPT and TC are used to create the structure and hierarchy for the content.

Intuitive dashboard

Easy way to add/update products and info for the team.

LiteSpeed server

Opted for a LiteSpeed server to get the best performance possible.


Lead capturing

We used Bootstrap modals to create our lead capturing forms that are triggered by any of the CTAs on the site.

The CTAs are present in different places (category page, on each product, on supplier page) and it's a single component that uses JS to determine where the lead comes from. This is passed along when the form is submitted, even if there are multiple products on the same page, the JS will pass the name of the product into the request.

Improved search

The search also takes into account custom fields added with ACF, this way we were able to add specific product codes into a custom field and those are now searchable and will return the correct results.

This was an important part for the client since most of the visitors might be familiar with the code of a certain product and try to search it.

Supplier page

Each supplier page has a small description at the top with the logo, PDF documents that are relevant, and the request quote button.

As you scroll down you are able to see the product categories for this specific supplier and from there you can navigate to the products listed on each category.

Speed and performance

We opted for a LiteSpeed server on this project so we can couple it with the LiteSpeed WordPress plugin available. This offers great performance and takes advantage of some of the cool and useful features that LiteSpeed servers have.
Image optimization and conversion to modern formats, crawl the pages to cache them, and much more.

Listing products

The product list is available inside a supplier's category. In most cases, there is the name of the product with a short description and the possibility to add PDF documents that are relevant for that product model.
Automatically a request quote button is added that will trigger the lead capturing modal form and send the details over.

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