Pack building tool for hikers


Web App
Online tool for listing your gear items into hiking packs. You can create and share your pack(s), search other packs using filters, like and comment on those, save items from other packs to your favorites and explore an existing Gear Database.



Create an online tool for hiking enthusiasts that allows them to put together gear lists that they can save into ‘packs’ they use to plan their next outdoor adventures.

This application should allow users to add items from scratch or pick from an existing database, which would then be grouped in user defined categories. Each pack would offer a real-time visual representation of the items via a chart based on category and weight.

The packs can be shared and discovered by other users that can comment, upvote, and grab items to use on their own packs.


We created a SPA (Single Page Application) using Laravel and VueJS that is powered by a VPS on DigitalOcean and uses GitHub actions to deploy updates to the application from the repository.

VPS was installed with CentOS and we used Webmin with Virtualmin to offer a server control interface.

Key features

Gear Database

Existing Gear Database with thousands of items to get you quickly started.

Packs Visibility

Ability to make your packs public and share them via a link or keep them private.


Find other packs by using a wide array of search filters.


Upvote and comment on other packs, follow other hikers on the platform.

Add others' items

Grab an item from someone else's pack and add it to yours.


Fast and responsive user experience with a Single Page Application approach.


Itemized Pack

Packs are easily created by adding new items in a spread-sheet like format. The items are added line by line and grouped into categories. The pack is updated in real-time displaying the structure and weight visually using a chart.

All the fields are editable, items can be dragged from different categories and as an item is added the app suggests options for the existing Gear Database.

Gear Database

Users have access to a Gear Database to search items that can be added to their pack. The Gear database is also integrated directly in the pack creation process, as the user types the name of the item suggestions from the database will appear.

Items in the database come with details about price and weight to help build the pack faster.

User Profile

Users can set their profile to be public and share it outside the app. This way they can showcase the gear they have and how they prepare for different types of hikes.

On the user profile, the public packs are visible as well as the social links the user has and the trails he hiked.

Explore packs

Everyone using the app has the option to explore and find other interesting packs. There are a number of filters that can be used with an advanced search method that can be toggled.

The results display only the packs made publicly available by the owner.

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