Zoho Forms

Lead capturing plugin for Zoho CRM


Lead Integration
WordPress plugin built to facilitate sharing a common lead capturing process across a family of company owned websites. Leads coming from all properties are centralized inside Zoho CRM.



Following a series of consolidations within the company’s various online properties, the client wanted a unified lead capturing experience across all their websites.

Not only did the forms have to look and work similarly everywhere, but the most challenging aspect was that new change requests were (and still are) coming every couple of weeks and once implemented, they need to be immediately available throughout the network.


We opted to build a WordPress plugin to pack all the functionality and make it easy to distribute.

On the front we render a series of forms or wizards powered by Vue JS, while for the admin we’ve created an easy-to-use management area that quickly maps the collected data to the target Zoho CRM fields.

Key features

Theme Selector

Easily switch the theme for any leads form so that it integrates seamlessly on the host website.

Zoho CRM Integration

Lead information collected pushed into Zoho CRM as a new Lead record using the ZohoCRM API.

Zoho Campaigns Integration

Lead forms and wizards offer users the option to opt-in to the company's mailing lists in Zoho Campaigns

Group Leads by Origin

Determine whether the user came in from: organic or paid search, social media or newsletter campaigns or a partner website.


Use a wizard or a classic form, add or remove any fields, include extra content, use as a modal or an inline component.

Embed Anywhere

Each form provides a unique shortcode which can be embedded anywhere in the post contents or in the theme’s files.


User friendly lead capturing wizard

It is important that we collect as much relevant information from the user while making the experience as easy and frictionless as possible.

A quick wizard was the cleanest way to achieve this.

Can't help going going all the way!

Having went through the easy to follow visually pleasant steps before, the user is compelled to put in his contact information and send in the request.

As a result, the conversion rates have gone up dramatically since implementation.

Use as a modal or embed into content

It has the flexibility of working just as well as a component of the theme or an inline art of the content. Often, we need to inline a form as is the case on this contact page.

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