WordPress Project


Horizontal scroll portfolio.

We created a custom theme for this project. The theme acts as a horizontal scroll portfolio allowing the client to display the work/projects.

The content is added in using ACF fields depending on what needs to be shown. Custom elements where created (text 2:2, image 4:2, etc) based on ratio and they can be easily selected from the back-end, repositioined, edited, etc.

The mobile version of the site works different on landscape and portrait mode. The landscape mode will still emulate the dekstop functionality with horizontal swipe, while the portrait version turns into a normal vertical scroll/swipe through the content.

The menu is slide from left to right on landscape mode (no matter the device) taking 50% of the screen, while on mobile vertical it slides from top covering the whole screen.

Other features: custom post types, custom menus, custom sliders, custom jQuery effects, and behavior.

Built with: WordPress, PHP, jQuery


coffee cups

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