DM Boilerplate WordPress Theme

This is a WordPress boilerplate/starter theme that uses Bootstrap 5


This is a WordPress boilerplate/starter theme.

The purpose of this theme is to be the starting point for your new WordPress project. While this theme was created to be a boilerplate, you can still use it as it is for your website. The theme is light, bloatware-free, and created based on our years of developing different WordPress projects. The theme uses: Bootstrap 5, Material Symbols, and is built based on _s. Page templates include a Right-sidebar (default template), Full Width, Blank with container, and Blank no container.

Other features: Widgetized footer area, WooCommerce ready, Compatible with Visual Composer, Compatible with WPBakery, Compatible with Elementor.

This theme is licensed under the GPL. You can use this theme as you like.

It will continue to support the default way of adding the code snippet via shotcodes.

Page templates
  • Right-sidebar (default page template)
  • Full-Width
  • Blank with container
  • Blank no container
Other features:
  • Currently using Bootstrap v5.3.2
  • Material Symbols
  • Widgetized footer area
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Compatible with Visual Composer / WPBakery
  • Compatible with Elementor


  • Download ZIP file (go to Releases)
  • Upload to your themes folder
  • Unzip folder
  • OR upload directly to your WordPress theme via the interface


If you want to use this as your starting point for development, you can do the following.

  • Get the repo
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm run watch to get the SCSS working and generate the compiled file
  • Remove comments  .gitignore if don’t want the compiled to appear as committed

In functions.php at the bottom of the file, you will find a bunch of lines commented. You can enable those based on your needs.


assets.php will help you manage all the enqueued assets from one place (CSS, JS, and fonts).

ACF Style

acf-style.php includes some basic styles for the ACF plugin. Nothing fancy, just making the ACF easier to navigate on the Admin side.


shortcodes.php will allow you to manage the WordPress shortcodes from a single place. In there you will find 3 examples of shortcodes that can be used, with associated files already:

  • dm-shortcode-passing-variable: renders content from a file while passing a variable
  • dm-shortcode-rendered-only-on-front: renders content from a file, but not on the admin side
  • dm-shortcode-simple: renders content from a file

Custom Post Types

post-types.php contains examples of how to define Custom Post Types.

Custom taxonomies

custom-taxonomies.php contain examples of how to define Custom Taxonomies.

ACF Option Pages

acf-option-pages.php contains examples on how to define the ACF Options page for your Admin Dashboard.

Material Symbols

The theme is using Material Symbols. Refer to that to add icons.